Brews Under Review: EBC bounces back to my good side with Caramel Apple Cuvee


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As always with this column, it is imperative to note that I am not a beer connoisseur. I am not a professional food critic. I am not your typical Life & Arts writer. What I am is a man with a mission, and that mission is to let the good word be heard on every brew that EBC has to offer.

Sir Isaac Newton established in the 17th century that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This third law of thermodynamics applies to more than just physics; it also applies to beer.

The application to beer is a simple one: for every awful beer, there is one that is equally excellent. Allow us to refer to this as Henry’s third law of drunkonomics.

Based on our newly adopted third law of drunkonomics, it stands to reason that for every dumpster fire of an IPA that exists, such as Stainless Steel, there is a brew that is conversely enjoyable. Allow me to introduce Caramel Apple Cuvee, the perfect redemption for EBC after last week’s atrocity of a product.

Caramel Apple Cuvee has everything you can desire in a beer on an October afternoon. The stuff is just good, plain and simple.

Upon immediate inspection of a freshly poured glass of this draft, you can smell the hints of caramel and vanilla lingering in this unique imperial. For those unfamiliar with beers, its classification as an imperial beer simply refers to its alcohol content. At 8.5 percent ABV, this unique blend packs a punch.

EBC’s in-house definition of this selection states that it is, “A strong blonde ale aged in American oak with caramel, apple, citrus and vanilla flavors.” That complex description of the ale doesn’t do much to prepare one for the drink they are about to experience. I honestly couldn’t tell you how aging a beer in barrels of oak impacts the taste, but I digress.

Despite its strength, Caramel Apple Cuvee has a surprisingly pleasant taste. The taste of this beer is received as an unexpected polyamorous relationship between apple cider, caramel vodka and beer. Somehow, it actually really works and it delivers a wonderful aftertaste to compliment it.

With an international bitterness unit scale rating of 33, this ale offers up a crisp taste while lacking the overwhelming nature of an IPA and the underwhelming experience of Busch. Call it a happy medium.

The ale is offered in four packs at local markets in the area and is on draft at EBC West from August through October. Only a few weeks remain to try this unique selection, so give it a go before it’s too late.

Rating: 4.0/5

Verdict: Yeah, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Or a friend’s friend. Or a friend’s mom. Okay, everyone. Everyone should try this.

(Jesse Anna/Staff Illustrator)

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