Conservative Corner: 2020 can’t come sooner


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It’s been quite a wild ride from the time that I created this column about a year and a half ago. Barack Obama was president then, and I could have never imagined Donald Trump taking his place. At the time, he was just an annoying celebrity to me.

Since the beginning of this column, Trump became president after his campaign caused controversy after controversy almost daily. Rather than rebuking Trump after his numerous controversies, the Republican Party has wholeheartedly embraced him.

I am beginning to think that Trump will not even fulfill his first term. Usually I am very careful not to predict something of this magnitude, but seriously.  

Now, I don’t think it’s very likely that Trump will get impeached, but it’s still somewhat possible. Perhaps the Russia investigation will uncover evidence to prove the claims that many have been making that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.

It’s even more unlikely but also possible that Trump’s refusal to cut his ties with his businesses will lead to him being impeached.

I think the most likely thing that could happen is Trump, himself, will decide to resign once the job becomes too difficult or when he has lost enough support from his base.

Trump is one of the biggest narcissists in the universe, and he craves attention and admiration. Once those who are the true hardcore Trump supporters start to realize how fake and full of it Trump is, they should begin to turn on him. That may never even happen, but if it does, then Trump’s presidency may soon come to a short stop.

The Republicans are completely dooming themselves politically. If they hope to keep their majority in Congress they must really change what they’re doing. The Democrats are angry and passionate to stop the tyranny of Trump, and they are experiencing some of their most enthusiastic turnout in years.

The Democrats were just able to win the highest majority in a special election in Georgia’s sixth district, a very conservative district. Although there is a run-off election, this kind of enthusiasm doesn’t just mean nothing. When the Republicans began to retake Congress in 2010 and 2014, they started by winning these special congressional elections.

If the Democrats hope to stand any chance against Trump in 2020 they cannot pick anyone at all like Hillary Clinton. A moderate, establishment figure is just the kind of person that Trump wants the Democrats to throw up against him in the election. Trump wants to be able to continue to run on a platform of being a dealmaker sent to clean up Washington, and someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is a dream come true for Trump.

This is the very last Conservative Corner that will run in this paper, and it’s quite a bittersweet moment indeed. Yes, the Republicans may have taken control of all three branches of government, but they’re refusing to moderate in even the slightest.

I had always wanted to see Republican control of all the branches of government, but not like what we have seen. I consider myself a Reagan conservative, and I thought the rest of the party did, but their recent behavior is causing the Great Gipper to roll over in his grave.

Thank god Fred Fest was this weekend because I needed at least three years’ worth of shots to keep my sanity.


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