Conservative Corner: Trump the Violator

Edward Gallivan/Staff Illustrator


Managing Editor

President Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would enact a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and with a recent executive order he has made that promise a reality. Some will claim that this isn’t a “Muslim ban” but don’t be fooled—this order is quite that.

This recent executive order banned entry of citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, while indefinitely halting the Syrian refugee acceptance program. This order is intended to apparently create stricter vetting procedure for the refugees, despite the fact that it already almost takes up to two years for a refugee to be vetted.

This executive order even resulted in the detention of some green card holders from the banned countries at airports.

The acting attorney general Sally Yates even refused to assign the Justice Department lawyers to defend the executive order in court, and this led to her immediate firing by Trump. He replaced Yates with Dana Boente, who served in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The order was immediately challenged in court, and we have already seen several rulings that have been made against the executive order.

In one of the first rulings, Judge Ann Donnelly blocked part of the executive order ruling that the authorities could not remove individuals from the banned countries who had arrived in the U.S. airports after the order was put into effect, according to CNN. She also felt that the petitioners, the individuals in the airports, had a “strong likelihood of success” in proving their due process rights were violated.

In one of the most recent rulings, a Seattle judge issued a nationwide restraining order on the executive order. The White House has said that they will challenge this ruling in court, according to The Hill.

This order is unconstitutional and the courts should immediately strike this order down. This order is specifically targeted to stop Muslim refugees and to give priority status to Christian refugees, and that goes against our American beliefs of freedom of religion.

Also, this order is not really that effective in curbing future terrorist attacks. Saudi Arabia, the country where 14 of the 19 9/11 bombers were from, is not including in this ban. I wonder if that’s because Trump has business concerns in Saudi Arabia?

Trump must follow the ruling of these courts because if he does not, it challenges our government’s checks and balances. There has never been a president that has went against the ruling of federal courts and Trump must not do that.

If Trump does decided to go too far that swift action or in other words impeachment should be taken. Don’t let the Trump administration sway you into a false sense of safety. Trump is in violation of the Constitution and this order must be overturned.

I really don’t know how this country is going to survive the next four years.

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