Editorial: Thanksgiving needs love, too

We would like to know why the frick frack there is already Christmas music and decorations up in every store and food place around. We would like to know why Starbucks had their festive cups and drinks out on Nov. 1. We would like to know why people can’t even give Thanksgiving a few weeks to be hyped up before diving headfirst into a world of Santa Claus and figgy pudding.

Food is great. We all like eating food. Stuffing and mashed potatoes are actually the best. Christmas is good too, for sure, but we aren’t even halfway through November yet.

Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated solely to food. To FOOD, people. You don’t need to stress about buying last minute presents, you don’t have to go through the hell that is wrapping said presents. All you need to do for Thanksgiving is show up and enjoy gorging yourself on tryptophan, followed by the world’s best food nap.

This is not a story of Thanksgiving vs. Christmas. Both holidays are awesome in their own unique way. It’s time Thanksgiving gets a chance in the spotlight though. What is there not to like? Why do people insist on blasting Christmas music before people have even bought their turkeys? What do you have against mashed potatoes? What did Thanksgiving ever do to you?

Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey, however. Thanksgiving means time off from work, catching up with that weird uncle of yours and slowly picking away at the stockpiled leftovers.

Also, late November isn’t nearly as threatening as late December. How often are we disappointed when it doesn’t snow on Thanksgiving? When December rolls around with a green Christmas, remember that a green Thanksgiving is always better.

We also get a break from school so we should show our thanks for that gift as well. The upcoming food comas are only one benefit of the nearing holiday and we really need to acknowledge it before it’s too late.Thanksgiving is like two weeks away, and we do not want to hear one more person humming “Deck the Halls” before we’ve had some goddamn apple pie.


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