Feeding Fredonia Challenge returns for its fourth year

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Joyce Smith’s office sits on the second floor of the Williams Center. There are boxes piled high in one corner and brightly colored posters lay around them, both waiting to be distributed.

These boxes are collection sites for the Feeding Fredonia Challenge, a food drive held by The Fredonia Presbyterian Church from Oct. 16-20. The food drive will be featured on campus and at local businesses within the village.

Smith, the coordinator of Volunteer and Community Services, noted that in years past. “It’s been very successful. There were over 4,000 pounds of food [donated] last year [and] the first year we had 5,000 pounds.”

At the end of the week, all the donations are collected and weighed. This year’s goal is to reach 4,500 pounds. Collection locations include the Williams Center main entrance, Science Center and the lobbies of residence halls.

This is the fourth year the church is holding the Feeding Fredonia Challenge.

“One of the reasons why it started is because in Fredonia there were really no food pantries. We do have Chautauqua Rural Ministries, like the Friendly Kitchen, but in Fredonia itself and the village there’s really no [food pantries],” said Smith.

According to Smith, several campus and community groups work to support the event, including the Fredonia Middle School, Alpha Phi Omega and Sister Circle.

The food pantry, which is located at the Fredonia Presbyterian Church on 219 Central Avenue, is open to all Fredonia residents and anyone living within the 14063 zip code.

For more information contact Joyce. Smith [at] fredonia [dot] edu

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