Fredonia Dance Ensemble finishes year strong


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Fredonia Dance Ensemble had its annual show and the dancers did not disappoint.

There were eight pieces in the show, with styles ranging from classical ballet to contemporary. “Leaving” was a more contemporary piece that showed a different side of the dance department, highlighting the complexities that dancing involves.

“I would say ‘The Space Between Doesn’t Exist’ was definitely my favorite. It was really jazzy, which I love, and I like how each dancer got to show off their personalities with their dance. I also liked how they incorporated the video they played in the beginning into the music. Definitely very creative,” said Vanessa Leounis, a sophomore women’s and gender studies major.

“The Space Between Doesn’t Exist” was a piece that explained the fact that society shouldn’t create a divide. In the beginning of the piece, it had a video that showed some of the dancers practicing the piece and explained what diversity meant to them. The performance that entailed not only followed the video but highlighted the soulful music the dancers were performing to. For many, it was the perfect way to end the show.

“I liked FDE this year. I thought it was a lot more sophisticated [while] last year’s was more comical in my opinion. I live with four of the dancers, and I’m friends with a few others, so it was great to see them perform. I’m glad that I could support them,” said Leounis.

“I really enjoyed it, I feel like there was a lot of variety this year in terms of style,” said sophomore theatre arts and French dual major Emily Bassett. “My favorite piece was definitely ‘Taiko.’ I loved the rhythmic nature of the piece and the influences of Japanese dance made it different from a lot of the stuff we’ve seen here before.”

“Taiko” was the first piece performed at the show. It was unique and added a new style of dance and music to this year’s Fredonia Dance Ensemble.

Bringing in new cultures and styles of performance art, FDE was certainly successful this year. Students and community members alike are already anticipating next year and the new tricks the dancers will pull out.

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