From the Desk of Brandon Safe, Copy Editor: Where to eat, vegetarians?

Sometimes it gets discouraging and disheartening when you realize how much meat dominates the food industry, and you get a little tired of seeing it advertised and glorified everywhere, but there’s hope.

Even if you’re not a vegetarian, there’s probably a pretty good chance that somebody you know or somebody you’re close to is, so share these friendly tips of places to eat with them!

People think the hardest part of being a vegetarian is not wanting to eat meat, but for me, that wasn’t even a concern. The most difficult part was going back to places I had once eaten and realizing just how few options I had, if any.

That’s always been the hardest part: actually finding options, but after three years on campus, I’ve realized that there are options available on and off campus.


Tim Hortons:

Here, you can get donuts, muffin, danishes, cookies, grilled cheese paninis, potato wedges and many more options. While most of their menu is meat-based, I’ve never had a problem finding something I could eat here while also getting my excessive dose of caffeine at the same time. I typically get a grilled cheese panini (if we’re being honest), but keep in mind that closer to closing, Tim Hortons does not offer paninis.

Cranston Marche:

At this all-you-can-eat dining hall, there are also a good amount of options. There’s a pasta station where you can choose between white, wheat, and gluten free pasta, plenty of veggies and marinara or alfredo sauce. There’s almost always cheese pizza offered, and when there are plates with entrees and side dishes, you can ask for the side dish itself, such as fries. There’s a sandwich station with many vegetables available, a dessert station and even veggie burgers on “Burger Wednesdays.”

Centre Point:

Located on the bottom floor of Williams, this dining facility also has vegetarian options. There’s always cheese pizza available, mozzarella sticks, a sandwich station, a salad station, and different options daily, such as vegetable lo mein and vegetable fried rice. There are also made-to-order veggie burgers.

El Diablo Azul:

Located next to Centre Point, El Diablo offers made-to-order quesadillas, as well as vegetarian pinto beans and black beans. There are definitely vegetarian Mexican food options here.

Cafes on Campus:

There are cafes in Fenton, Mason, McEwen and the Science Center, and aside from many drink options, there are fruits and vegetables, cookies and muffins, bagels and prepared food options available that don’t contain meat, such as the protein platters and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. These are good places to stop for a small snack when you’re hungry in-between classes.


There are many options off-campus, not too far. You can call ahead of time and order a cheese two-slice at Maria’s, and you can obviously get cheese pizza and veggie options at other pizzerias, such as Blasdell Pizza and Pizza Hut. One of my favorite places to eat is Taco Bell, because you can order anything off the menu by substituting the meat with refried beans. You should definitely give the cheesy-potato burrito with bean substitute a try sometime! Most Subways also offer a veggie patty, so you can get a sub with a veggie patty, or just a vegetable sub instead; both are great options.

You can also go to the many grocery stores near campus and buy fruits, vegetables or just meals in general that you can cook or eat at home. Tops has a fantastic Morning Star section, which is a brand that offers many meatless options, such as veggie dogs, veggie burgers, chicken patties and many more. Gardein is also available at Tops and offers meatless fish and chicken fingers.

There may be times when it feels like there’s nowhere to eat, but there are plenty of places once you discover the options. Whether you’re somebody who’s been considering making the switch but didn’t feel like there were enough options on campus, or you’ve been a vegetarian but still needed more food suggestions, I hope this guide will help you.

If you have any food suggestions for me, email me at bsafe [at] fredonia [dot] edu.

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