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Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto in Toronto, CA. Jason Cheung/ Web Editor

“How did you even find Fredonia?”

This is a question a lot of people ask me. Being an international student from Hong Kong one might think the chances of me finding Fredonia is slim to none. I first came to Fredonia because of the co-op engineering program. Even if I didn’t like the engineering program, I love Fredonia.

Living in Fredonia is very different from Hong Kong, from a big city to the middle of nowhere. Without the nonstop traffic and stressful atmosphere, I just felt that I had so much more time to relax and enjoy mother nature.

Though living in Fredonia might be boring sometimes, the number of activities and opportunities that are available always keep me busy! Joining Kappa Sigma, the Student Association, Social Work Club and the Alternative Break Program made my college life more memorable.

Sometimes I might miss Hong Kong for the various food options after getting tired of eating Cranston for days, but life got so much easier since I finally passed my driving test during the summer. I got to go around Buffalo and even to Toronto and enjoy all the amazing food around there. Recently, I even went to the Ritz Carlton for brunch! It tasted so good, but I guess that’s my first and only time going since I spent my whole week’s budget on a single brunch!

Even though Fredonia isn’t exactly where I ever imagined myself living before coming, it’s been a good surprise and I’ll never regret it.



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