Hot vacation spots to shed off the post-final exam dread


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As the semester is ending, many students are looking forward to winter break. Do you have plans yet? Are you looking for somewhere to shed off the post-final exam dread? We here at The Scallion have comprised a list of hot vacation spots just for you.

  1. Your Dorm Room – A good way to shed of the post-final exam dread is to start dreading something else. Your parents will be coming up tomorrow and expect you to be ready when they get here! What better way to end the semester than packing up your belongings and cleaning out your dorm room?
  2. The Shower – You must have so much extra pent up stress, and there is nothing more calming than a nice, steamy shower. Have some ‘you time’ and let out those tears that you’ve been holding in. Try to forget that soon you’re going to have to be back at school again.
  3. A Long Bus Ride – You haven’t gotten sleep in a very long time, like maybe even since last summer. You will have a wonderful time sleeping on the bus ride home. Someone might wake you up to take the seat next to you, the people in front of you might smell like old socks while the people next to you are talking loudly and there might even be a baby crying, but at least you can close your eyes.
  4. At Home – Aside from the stressful family drama that keeps you from sleeping at night, you will also have the pleasure of worrying about your grades. Just because you took all of your finals, doesn’t mean you passed all of them! At home you will have the pleasure of anxiously awaiting for grades to be posted while surrounded by your judgmental family who are somehow always grouchy.
  5. Your Job – We know that you’ve just finished all of your stressful exams, but that doesn’t mean that you’re all done and free to relax! You have a job, silly. Think of it like a vacation, though, because you’re not taking tests or studying. You won’t be in school forever, but you might just be working forever to pay off your debt, so at least start enjoying it. Hopefully, you’ll finish school and then find a job to tolerate!


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