Student opens up bootleg restaurant in his dorm room

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The food options on campus are becoming increasingly limited with the passing of each semester. Those with more than 40 credits under their belt will remember the glory days of yesteryear when one could go to Tim Horton’s past 5 p.m. and when Willies was open until midnight. Certain alumni will even remember when there were two buffet style dining halls and when Willies and the two coffee hot spots were open until 2 a.m. Some might even remember the old mandatory freshman meal plans of unlimited meals.

Those times, however, are long behind us, and now a meal does not get you an actual meals worth of food without going to Cranston. If you want food after 11 p.m., you are S.O.L, and if you have a liking for Tim Horton’s over Starbucks, then you better get there before 5 p.m.

Thankfully, one Fredonia student has decided to take things into his own culinary hands in an effort to combat the increasingly decaying food situation on campus.

The Chef, as he has become known around campus, has opened a speakeasy-style underground restaurant straight out of his dorm room. Not only is The Chef putting FSA to shame by making great tasting food and keeping it at half the average price for a meal on campus, they are also pushing themselves to the limit by serving at least one new food item a week. By implementing new food items and having a voting system at the end of the week, it can be ensured time will not be wasted cooking food items no one wants.

By focusing on pleasing the masses, The Chef is actually increasing sales (who would have thought?)

This movement, just like the craft beer movement, is spreading faster than a cold through campus and has already spawned competition.

These competitors, to some surprise, are encouraged by The Chef, who sees this as an opportunity to hone their craft and increase their quality by being forced to stay competitive. At this time there is the original, which mostly serves American diner style foods, and there is an all-vegan place and a mediterranean style cuisine spot within the dorms on campus.

There are already whisperings of a new place in the works, with at least three more interested students who want in on this booming market. It is the Wild West of food here in Fredonia, and it has never been a better time to be a person who needs to eat on campus.

The increased competition has resulted in more budget-friendly food options as well as a diverse array of quality food. It is probably a good idea to be cautiously optimistic from here on out, but if this trend continues and grows, it is certain that there will be only one loser as time passes: FSA.

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